LATISTA 14.1 Release Notes

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What’s New in Latista Cloud v14.1

New Files

* The new Files is faster, easier to use, and requires no separate installation;

* Built-in help feature includes additional details when you hover over a button;

* Detail, medium, large, and extra-large thumbnail views make it easy to see what a document is without opening it;

* Drag-and-drop uploading makes it easy to add many files, quickly, to your document manager;

* One-click WebDAV integration with your desktop Files means you can view your LATISTA documents directly in your PCs file system;

* More improvements lie just beneath the surface. Enjoy them!


* Access all of your projects through a single URL:;

* Contact information for existing users auto-completes from a master contact database, preventing creation of duplicate users and making it easier to add contacts to projects;

* Company information for existing companies auto-completes from a master company database, preventing the creation of duplicate companies and making it easier to add companies to projects and users to companies;

* Contacts can edit and update their own profile information, including their name, work and mobile phone numbers, and their password;

* Users have one login for all of their projects, regardless of the general contractor;

* Latista Business Intelligence reports now handle cross-project reporting for joint-ventures and other projects previously isolated on a different server;

* Latista now displays system announcements for planned maintenance windows, maintenance-in-progress, and the availability of new features;

* New user permissions for editing company and user information.

Commissioning Summary Improvements

* Users can now see when the Start Date of a commissioning step is past due on the commissioning summary dashboard;

* The commissioning summary dashboard “Dates” drop-down now defaults to “Last Modified.”

PDF Viewer Enhancements

* A new PDF measurement tool makes it easy for you to compare planned measurements on a project drawing to as-built conditions.

Security Improvements

* All usernames are now e-mail addresses;

* All user passwords will be reset; new passwords will require one number, one capitalized letter, and one special character.

Additional Features and Functionality

* Added a new “tag” for dispatch reports, allowing you to include the dispatch report’s rule name in the e-mail subject line;

* Improved user import process for new projects, including a reduced number of required fields;

* A new user profile allows users to manage their own accounts, removing the burden from system administrators;

* Inactive users will no longer appear on any pick lists or popups for contact selection;

* A new out-of-the-box BI report allows supervisors to see all issues that have been fixed by subcontractors.

Removed Features:

* Non-user “Contacts” are no longer available in the system;

* The “Reset Database” permission has been removed;

* Document check-in and check-out is no longer available;

* You can no longer revert a document to a specific revision. You can still view previous revisions;

* The “Download Tablet Updates” permission has been removed;

* The new Files does not support individual file access control. Broader file permissions are still in-place;

* Quick-link shortcuts have been removed from the new Files; shortcuts can still be created on the Area Type, Area, Item Master, and Item management pages;

* System administrators are no longer required to create or change passwords for their users.

What’s Fixed in Latista Cloud v14.1.1

Performance Enhancements

* Improved server resource allocation to improve login process and application speed;

* Improved migration process to reduce duplicated communications;

* Improved dispatch report and email queue reliability, preventing situations where messages would get “stuck” in the queue.

Removed Features

* Users can no longer search document content from the Latista Files, significantly improving Files performance. Users can still search for documents by document name, as they have always been able to do.

Resolved Issues

* Some users were not able to upload an area tree for a new project;

* Some tablets were not able to synchronize their project;

* Using two browser tabs to simultaneously work on different commissioning and QC issues could previously lead to lost information;

* A user would sometimes receive an error message when uploading or manually adding new contacts;

* The server would report a “missing user” error every minute;

* Resolved issues around “NULL” issue numbers and blank areas for issues or inspections;

* The “Save and Duplicate” button functionality was incorrect with regards to items;

* Users no longer receive an error when attempting to edit a document from the Files;

* Some users experienced issues when adding a revision to files in the new Files;

* Accents were not displayed in HTML-formatted e-mails;

* Some users previously could not move an Item to the first position in the item list;

* The “Include resolved issues” search criteria was not working properly;

* Files dialog previously did not appear when quotation marks were included in a project name;

* The Cx summary previously did not load properly when commissioning steps contained quotation marks in their names;

* Some commissioning summary filters previously did not always properly reset.

What’s Fixed in Latista Cloud v14.1.2

Resolved Issues

* Some users were not able to upload an area tree for a new project;

* Some Files dialog did not display correctly when the project name contained quotation marks;

* Some commissioning steps would not display correctly in the Cx Summary Dashboard due to quotation marks in the step names;

* Some report generation times did not match with their scheduled time;

* For Russian clients, sometimes work order templates would be generated in English instead of in Russian;

* For Russian clients, the Company filter in the user directory did not always display users associated with the company selected;

* Setting a commissioning summary filter sometimes affected the content of subsequent reports;

* Scheduled dispatch reports would occasionally send out many copies over a short period;

* In certain situations, users would experience a “Loading error!” message when expanding their area tree;

* Issue numbers were replaced by NULL in certain situations;

What’s Fixed in Latista Cloud v14.1.3

Resolved Issues

* Some users were experiencing problems with issue or inspection renumbering when synchronizing from a mobile device to the Cloud. There were multiple causes of this issue that are addressed in this maintenance release.

What’s Fixed in Latista Cloud v14.1.4

Resolved Issues

* We now support apostrophes in e-mail addresses and usernames;

* Some users were experiencing slow performance when refreshing certain pages;

* A small set of users were unable to access the Files;

* Some issues were not being renumbered appropriately when synchronized to the server from the tablet, displaying duplicate issue ID numbers;

* Some documents uploaded to the Cloud were showing up as “broken” on the iPad.

What’s Fixed in Latista Cloud v14.1.6

Resolved Issues

* Removed a situation in which the Cloud could receive data that caused a temporary database lock, delaying synchronizations;

* Users could not previously delete items with associated non-commissioning inspections;

* Some passwords were not properly resetting;

* Some commissioning steps were sending out multiple notifications to users;

* A project’s time zone was preventing dispatch rules from saving in certain situations;

* Some document mark-ups, including signatures, were not saving correctly on documents;

* Item Masters and Inventory items were not automatically populating responsible parties in certain situations;

* Some issue category permissions were not functioning correctly on the commissioning issue list;

* Some work orders were not properly including issue attachments;

* Some inspection descriptions could not be changed.

What’s Fixed in Latista Cloud v14.1.7

Resolved Issues

* Inspection form fields could be accidentally overwritten when multiple users populate the same form on different mobile devices and synchronize their changes at different times;

* The Cloud prevented users from logging in or synchronizing mobile devices when two users try to modify the same data at the exact same time;

* The “Schedule” button on the Comissioning module was not working correctly;

* Users were able to save issues or inspections without completing all mandatory custom fields;

* Changing a module from application-wide to project-specific was not saving correctly;

* Contacts could not be added to the inspection approval process in some cases;

* Standard punchlist reports created for owners did not match the information in the issue list;

* WebDAV connections in the document manager were not working;

* Issue and inspection histories were reporting that changes had been made on a mobile device instead of on the Cloud.

What’s Fixed in Latista Cloud v14.1.8

Resolved Issues

* “Welcome” e-mails are now functioning correctly for newly migrated users;

* Issue descriptions will no longer cause errors when they contain specific characters;

* Issue custom fields are working properly again;

* The commissioning summary dashboard filters are no longer impacted by filters set in other areas of the product;

* Latista now correctly displays inspections that are both “Archived” and “Active;”

* Linear form inspections are no longer “cleared” in specific situations.



What’s New in LATISTA for iOS v14.1

Multi-tenancy Login

* See every project to which you have access without having to change login servers.

Progress Photos for the iPhone

* Take progress photos for an area by simply pulling out your iPhone and snapping away;

* Progress photos are automatically tagged with date and time, and are organized for quick viewing.

Faster Photos

* Take multiple photos at once and attach them directly to an area, issue, item, or inspection.

PDF Viewer Enhancements

* A new PDF measurement tool makes it easy for you to compare planned measurements on a project drawing to as-built conditions.

Additional Changes

* Filter issues by companies and by individual employees;

* Improved readability for long text strings throughout the app;

* Significantly improved synchronization times;

* Additional bug fixes and performance enhancements.

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