LATISTA 14.2 Release Notes

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What’s New in Latista Cloud v14.2

New Features

* Project Wizard: A faster, simplified alternative to creating a new Project. The wizard skips advanced options and prompts for only the most important information needed to get started.  Admins can enter key project details, set up the team, Areas, and Inventory for the new project.

* Free Form Commissioning: Administrators can now set up Commissioning steps without requiring a form. This is paired with Latista's Mobile application (v.14.2+), where users are allowed to mark a step as finished from the Cx step list view. This feature is most beneficial in Residential projects being used for the finishing matrix.


* Administrators now have the ability to assign Contacts to either existing or new Companies when importing Contacts.

* Users can work in multiple browser tabs for managing Inventory and Master Items.

* Users can now select and upload multiple documents.

Resolved Issues

* Inspection Completion Report now displays the correct order of content.

* Users can attach PDF documents as Inspection Templates.

* On Windows 8, PDF viewer refreshes properly after scrolling.

* Fixed the link to the Latista Website download page on the Installers page.

* Changing the Area for an Issue no longer adds a blank record in the Issue History.

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