LATISTA 15.2 Release Notes

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What’s New in Latista Cloud v15.2

Here at Latista, we are excited to announce Jobsite Photo Management. With Jobsite Photo Management, owners and general contractors will have a comprehensive photo archive of their project’s construction progress, fostering accountability and facilitating dispute resolution.  

Here’s how Jobsite Photo Management will help you…


Save Time During the Work Day

With Barcoding, your field workers will scan an area with a click of a button and capture progress photos on their mobile device. Once taken add and edit notes on photos, anytime and anywhere. No worries – picture details are captured automatically. This is how you start to create a record of the project’s construction progress.


Find Photos via an Intuitive Search

The newly added Cloud Photo Manager provides an easy way to view and search through the thousands of photos that have been added to Latista. This provides a robust search option giving you the ability to filter your photos by:

Date range
Photo creator
Notes content


Easily Navigate Through Your Photos

With the new Cloud Photo Manager, you will now have the option to view Project photos in an easy-to-navigate list view or on a photo-by-photo basis. Included with these new photo navigation tools is the ability to view metadata captured with photos taken on your projects. For all photos within Latista, you will now have access to:

Compass direction
GPS data
Photo creation date
Area tree information
Item tree information


Enjoy More Robust and Enhanced Features

This new release also includes enhancements such as:

•        Rotate View of PDF files in the document viewer

•        Login security improvements

•        New Files controls

•        Ability to edit the names of existing companies

•        Even more standard reports and analysis grids

With these new features, our goal is to enhance your overall user experience by making your day-to-day workflow more transparent and easier to manage.

If you have any questions regarding these new features, please contact your Client Services Manager.


What’s New in Latista Mobile v15.2


Progress Photo Notes – Progress Photos provide a fast and easy way to document progress over the lifetime of a project.  With this release, Latista adds notes to the photos, providing a quick and easy way to add notes in the field.  These notes can be shared with other iOS users as well as users on the Cloud 15.2 interface.
Device Storage Cleanup – During the lifetime of any project, the number of files stored on the mobile device can become quite large, and can start to reach the storage limits of the device.  With the Device Storage Cleanup, the user has the option of clearing out files that are currently not needed.  This feature also provides a warning if the device is getting full.
64-Bit Architecture – The app now supports a 64-bit architecture which makes it faster and allow to address more memory in newest devices.  


Resolved Issues

Users can successfully edit and delete Issue photos.
When selecting photos from the Photo Album, application now shows the correct creation date and image size.
On Inspection Completion, ‘Persons to Notify’ list correctly filters out the users who do not belong to the current project.
When creating an Issue, selecting an Item Master now displays any Standard Issues assigned to it’s parent.
In Document Manager, if a file has multiple revisions, the latest revision is shown.





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