LATISTA 15.3 Release Notes

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What’s New in Latista Cloud v15.3


Here at Latista, we are excited to announce these newly released features to the Cloud version of the product.  Within this release, we have a few upgrades and enhancements to maximize your user experience, including: 


Google Chrome

Enhanced to comply with Google Chrome updates, Latista can now be used with Google Chrome as the default browser for issues and inspections.


Latista Job Pics

Cloud Photo Manager has been redesigned and will be launched as Latista Job Pics.   With Latista Job Pics, general contractors and subcontractors can easily capture, view, and share their project’s visual construction progress. Here are some of the exciting new enhancements:


Share progress with key stakeholders by generate Job Pics reports.

Add and update progress photo notes on the Latista Cloud just as you can on mobile devices.

Secure access to your Job Pics by setting permissions at a role or folder level.

Now you can take item progress photos in addition to area Progress Photos (note this requires iOS 15.2.1)!

Search filters saved when navigating to a different page.

Scroll quickly through photos using your keyboard.

And most importantly, faster performance when you view all your Job Pics.





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