Server 5.8 Release Notes

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Server & Windows Tablets (version 5.8)

New Features

Commissioning enhancements:
oSetup and associate inspection templates to Cx Steps under Item Master and Inventory Item.
New ability to design Commissioning Forms using on-line Linear Form Designer.  Use of PDF forms continues to be supported.
New ability to setup Commissioning Forms with the following options:
Require that a responsible party be assigned to issues created during inspection.
Pre populate Start On / Finish By date stamps based on inspection template threshold setting.
Define whether the inspection template can be used for Cx steps on all projects or only on specific projects.
oNew option to add persons to notify as steps are completed
oUpdated Commissioning Step Completion Notification to include link to form
oNew option to set user permissions on steps to restrict whether the user can save any changes to the Cx form
oNew ability to synchronize Commissioning Steps and their associated forms to the iPad for use in the field.
Document Viewer enhancements:
oNew PDF Viewer as a replacement for Brava, the third party utility used to view and markup PDF documents, is included in this release.
oNew Camera Markup Tool is available on Tablets to easily take a photo and associate it with a drawing using a markup.   Clicking on this markup will open a thumbnail of the photo.
oThe ability to rotate a document from landscape to portrait mode.
oThe ability to navigate a multiple page document using a side bar that shows thumb nails of each page.
In addition to the area tree, the item tree is now shown in the dashboard and issue list views to allow easy filtering of the information by item.
Support file formats using the most current version of Microsoft Excel to upload items, item masters or contacts.
Store and upload PDF Forms and attach them to inspection templates from the Application Files Folder for use across all project or Project Specific Folders.
New setup option for Dispatch Work Orders to create One Report Per Vendor Per Project grouped by Area.


Features removed in this release:

Document Viewer updates:
oBrava license is no longer needed
oRemoved “Document Issues” button when opening a PDF Attachment to an issue or an inspection in the Document Viewer.  This feature is still supported if the marked up document is opened from the document menu using the “Open in Viewer” button but the button has been renamed “Review Issues”.
oOn “Save and New” and “Save and Duplicate” actions with the Document Viewer, we no longer support the “show previous markup” option.
oWhen a PDF attachment is opened from the Files using the “Open in Viewer” option, the user can no longer create a new issue.   They can review the issues associated with markups on the drawing using the “Review Issues” option.
Inventory Items updates:
oRemoved ability to change the type field on an existing inventory item.
oRemoved the “attribute” type when adding new inventory items
oRemoved the ability to copy project-neutral items into an existing project on the inventory item setup screen.
oRemoved the ability to define a cover page for the Commissioning Summary Report.
Removed the synchronization option for all revisions from the Windows Tablets.   The synchronize setting will automatically synchronize the latest revision. Enter topic text here.

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