Applying Master Questions to Inspection Template Questions

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A master question can be applied to any question on an inspection template. The master question acts as a template and applying a master question to inspection template questions sets the question type, response formats and whether or not issues can be created based on the master question definition. Once applied, the response values and whether or not issues can be created from the inspection question are inherited from the master question and cannot be edited unless the link to the master question is removed.

To apply master questions to inspection template questions:

1.From the inspection template to which you want to add a master question, select the master question to apply from the drop-down list next to the Apply Master button.
2.Select one or more questions using the checkbox in the left hand column.

 NOTE: If questions are grouped together using separators, you may select all questions in a group by clicking on the checkbox for the separator.

2.Click the Apply Master button. The link to the master question is indicated in the Master column next to each selected question.  

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