Assigning Companies to Specialties to a Project

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Project Managers can assign specific companies to the project for each specialty related to the project. Assigning a company to a project allows the company contacts to access

1.From the Project Details page, click the Specialties tab. The Project Specialties Assignment page opens and displays the existing companies assigned to each specialty.
2.To view specialties to which no company is assigned, click the Show empty specialties checkbox. Specialties to which no company is assigned displays.
3.To assign a company enabled for the project to a specialty, from the drop-down list at the bottom of the Specialty column, select the Specialty to which you want to assign a company and from the drop-down list at the bottom of the Assigned Company(ies) column, select the Company to assign to the specialty.
4.Click the Add button. The company is assigned to the specialty for the project.
5.To remove a company assigned to a specialty, click the Remove button in the row for the specialty.

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