Assigning Users to a Project

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When a project is created, users who are granted access to the projects based on their System Role are automatically assigned to the project. Users automatically assigned can be removed from the project and other users in the application can be added. System Users are always project-restricted and able to view data for project to which they are assigned.

When a contact is created, the user can also be assigned to specific projects.

To assign users to a project:

1.From the Project Details page, click the Project Team tab.
2.To remove a user from the project team, click the Remove from Project button in the row for the user you want to remove.
3.To add a user to the project team, click the Select a contact link. The Select Company dialog opens and displays all contacts in the application, including vendors and application users.
4.To display only a specific type of vendor, from the drop-down list, select the specialty for which you want to view vendors.
5.To display only application users (not vendor contacts), click the Show company contacts checkbox to deselect the option.
6.Click the contact you want to add to the project team. The contact displays on the Project Team page.
7.Click the Add to Project button for the contact. The contact is added to the project team.

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