Associating Commissioning Forms to an Item Master

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Project Managers can define which Inspection Templates are used to conduct each commissioning step for a particular Item.   The Commissioning setup on a parent item is inherited by the children in a tree structure.  Therefore if all items within in a branch of the Item Master tree use the same commissioning form then the setup can be done once on the parent item master.


To associate Commissioning Forms to an Item Master:


1.From the Item Master page, Select All or Cx in the Module drop down.   Commissioning forms cannot be setup for Item Masters setup for QA/QC, Punchlist, Safety or Production.
2.Click the Edit button in the row for the item or sub-item for which you want to associate commissioning forms. The Item Master Details page opens.
3.Click the Cx Forms tab to display the list of commissioning steps that have been setup for this project. If any Cx Forms have been associated with the parent Item Master it will be displayed along with an annotation that it is inherited.

See also Setting Up Commissioning Steps

4.For each step,

 a. If the step is not conducted for these type of Items then select Skip and do not associate an Form with this step.

 b. If the step is conducted for these type of items then click Select Template to display a list of available Inspection Templates.  The search field can be used to filter the list of templates. Select the appropriate template by clicking on the name.


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