Conduct a Commissioning Step

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Commissioning steps can be started for a particular item from the Commissioning Summary interface.


1.From the Commissioning Summary Interface, locate the item you want to commission.

See also Finding Items to be Commissioned

2.Each row on the Commissioning Summary interface has a cell for each step in the Commissioning process.     The cell will be:

 a. Pink - Indicating that the step has not been started

 b. Yellow - Indicating that the step is In process

 c. Green - Indicating that the step has been completed successfully

 d. Orange - Indicating that the step has been completed unsuccessfully

 e. * - Indicating that this step does not need to be conducted for this item

For the item that you want to commission, find the cell on the Commissioning Summary interface that corresponds to the step that you want to start. The cell should be Pink and have Start shown.   If the cell is Pink and blank, then the step is not ready to be started.  You can hover over the cell to see a helpful message indicating why the step cannot be started.   Click on Start.

3.Complete the Commissioning Form that is associated with this step.
4.If an issue is identified as the step is conducted, create the issue by clicking on the orange button on the bottom right side of the screen.

See also Creating Issues

5.When you complete the step, click Complete Form.
6.Indicate whether the step passed or failed using the appropriate radio button.  Expand the list of persons to notify and indicate any team members that you want to notify of the step completion.    Click Complete.

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