Conducting an Issue List Inspection

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An Issue List inspection does not use a predefined set of inspection questions on a form. Instead, an Issue List inspection, allows inspectors to select and area and create issues related to the area.

To conduct an Issue List inspection:

1.From the Main Menu, select the project for which you want to conduct an inspection from the drop-down list.
2.From the sub-menu, click the Issues link. The Issue List for the selected project opens.
3.Click the Area tab and select the area for which you want to conduct an Issue List inspection.
4.From the drop-down list at the bottom of the Issue List, select the template on which to base the inspection.
Note: Inspection templates created with the Punchlist type inspection display in the drop-down list for templates on the Issue List.
5.If no issues are found, close the Issue List. If issues are noted, create issues as described in the Creating Issues procedure.

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