Consent Notices

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Consent notices alert you to the need to protect personally identifiable information (PII). You and your organization might be collecting, processing, storing, and transmitting PII while using Oracle Latista Field Management. When you accept a consent notice, your consent covers the collection, processing, storing and transmission of PII data in all areas of Latista and means of retrieving data from Latista including but not limited to project export, downloaded tables, reports, documents, web services, API, and mobile apps.

You may be asked to provide consent to show that you understand the need to treat PII as secure data. You may also be asked to provide consent for your organization to collect, process, store and transmit your PII. If you refuse consent, you will be denied access to Latista.


The System Administrator for the application can set up a Consent Notice for the users for the following areas of the application:


Add Contact
Import Contacts
Files and Photos

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