Creating a Contact/User Manually

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Project Managers can create contacts for a project and company using the application.

To create a contact manually:

1.From Contacts List or from Company Profile click Add New Contact button.
2.Populate Username field. When user starts to type a username application will show existing names to prevent duplicates creation.
 - If name is shown as "greyed out" - it means that user already exists on THIS tenant.
 - If name is shown in "black" ink - it means that user exists in master database and if selected - will be just enabled in THIS tenant. In this case all fields will be auto-populated upon selection
 - For truly new user the Username should be populated in the E-Mail format
3.Enter the contact name and contact information in the Personal Information section data fields.
Note: The First Name, Last Name, and E-mail data fields are required.
4.Enter Company. When user starts to type a company application will suggest the list of existing companies, that starts from entered letters. User may select one of suggested companies.
NOTE: If there is no company yet for a user exist in the system - such company should be created BEFORE creating a user profile!
5.Click the Receive Dispatch Reports checkbox to include the contact in Dispatch Reports sent to the company.
6.In the Project Assignment section, click the checkbox(es) for the projects to which the contact is assigned or click the select all projects checkbox to assign the contact to all projects.
Note: The application displays projects to which the user executing the feature is assigned.
7.Click the automatically include this contact into new projects checkbox to assign the contact to new projects created.
8.Click the Save Changes button to save the new contact, click the Save and Exit button to save the new contact and open the Company Details page, or click the Save and Add New to save the contact and open a new Edit Contact page to create a new contact.
9.From the Status drop-down list, select Active to permit the user to access the application.
10.From the System Role drop-down list, select the System Role for the user that defines their access privileges.
11.Enter the specific license for the application Server.
Note: If serial number is not entered, the application will request first available license of compatible type from the License Server.
12.From the Standard/Restricted drop-down list, select Restricted to limit the data the user can view to that associated with the company to which they are assigned as a contact or select Standard to allow users to see all issues regardless of the Company to which they are assigned
13.Click the User is a manager checkbox to allow the contact/user to view information they manage such as issues, inspections, and schedule calendar. Users not specified as managers have access based on the privileges defined in the System Role to which they are assigned.
14.From the Reports to drop-down list, select the manager to whom the contact/user reports.
Note: Users identified as managers can report to other users identified as managers.
15.From the Backup drop-down list, select the contact/user who assumes the user’s responsibilities if the user is not available.


NOTE: When new contact/user is created - administrator does not create the password. Instead system will send an email to newly created user with a link. New user will click the link and complete the profile creation - e.g. create his/her password. Password should meet minimal complexity requirements - e.g. contain: one number, one capitalized letter, one of these symbols: ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) - + =


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