Creating a New Company Manually

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Project Managers can create a new Company. The Company is visible in a project only when a contact is assigned to the Company.

To create a new Company:

1.From the List of Companies page for the project for which you want to create a company, click the Add New Company button. The Company Details page opens.
Note: From the Project drop-down list, select All Projects to assign the Company to all projects in the application.
2.Enter the name of the company in the Company name data field. In order to prevent a duplicated companies creation, LATISTA will suggest an existing company once user started typing new company name. Each name will come with a ZIP code - so if two identical names in different geographical regions - they won't be treated as duplicates.
3.From the Company Role drop-down list, select the Company Role for the company.
4.In the Address section, enter the company’s ZIP code (which is important for de-duplication) and street address.
5.In the Custom Fields section, enter a custom field to include on for the company.
Note: The System Administrator may also set up custom fields for all Companies in the application and they display in the custom fields.
6.In the Company Specialty(ies) section, click the checkbox(es) for the specialties to assign to the company.
7.Click the Save Changes button. The company is saved and the Add New Contact button displays.

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