Creating a New Inventory Item Manually

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Project Managers can create new inventory items manually.

To create a new inventory item manually:

1.From the Inventory page, from the Module drop-down list, select the module for which you want to view the inventory or select All to view the inventory for all modules.
2.From the Project drop-down list, select the project for which you want to view the inventory. The inventory displays.
3.In the Add New Inventory Item section, from the Parent Item drop-down list, select root to enter an item or select an existing item or sub-item to create a sub-item.
4.Enter the label for the item or sub-item in the Description data field.
5.Click not selected under the Item Master to open the Select Item Master dialog.  The Item Masters will be displayed as a tree view.  Navigate to the appropriate Item Master by expanding the tree view.   Click on the Item Master name to select.  Assigning an Item Master to an Inventory Item ensures that the Item inherits the Item Properties, Standard Issues and Commissioning Forms from the Item Master which streamlines the setup process.
5.From the Type drop-down list, select Category to indicate that the item is a description for a group of items, select Component to indicate that the item is physical component or piece of equipment.
6.In the Quantity data field, enter the number of items that will be installed.
7.Click the Add New button. The item or sub-item displays.
8.To assign a sub-contractor to be notified about issues for the item, click the not selected link in the Responsible Party column and select the Company to be notified.

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