Creating an Ad Hoc Issue

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Punch lists, RFIs, Work to Complete are all examples of issues that may be created as ad hoc issues.  These are issues that are not associated with a specific Inspection Form or Commissioning step.   To create an ad hoc issue:

1.Select the appropriate module from the main menu and select Issues from the module submenu.
2.On the top of the left hand panel, click Area or Item depending on whether the issue is associated with an area or item.
3.Navigate the tree view th select the appropriate area or item.
4.At the bottom of the page, select the appropriate issue type from the drop down and click New Issue.

 NOTE:  If there are no issue lists setup from which to create ad hoc issues, then the following message will appear at the bottom of the page: "You have no template Issues List (No Inspection) to create new issue"

 See also Creating an Issue List Inspection Template

5.On the Issue Details Window, fill in the required fields:

 a. Area - Area may be pre-populated with the appropriate area.  To assign the issue to a different area, click the link in the Area data field.  The Select an Area dialog-box opens.  Select the area to which the issue is assigned. The area is a required field and must be filled in.

 b. Responsible Party - To assign the issue to a sub-contractor, click the link in the Responsible Party data field. The Select Company dialog-box opens. Select the company to which the issue is assigned.

 c, Description - This is a free-form text field that can be filled in with a detailed description of the issue.

 d. Start-on / Finish-by - Date fields may be auto populated if the Issue Work flow option was selected when the Issue List Template was setup.   If not, these fields can be filled in manually.  Click the Calendar icon and select the appropriate dates

6.Custom fields can be filled by expanding the Additional Information section.
7.Attach photos, drawings and other supporting documentation to the issue by expanding the Attachments section.

 See also Managing Issue Attachments



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