Creating Inspection Form Questions

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After an inspection template is created, the content of the inspection may be defined as a linear list of questions. The Edit Linear Form Template page allows users to design a form as a set of questions which can be grouped into sections, and separated by headings.

To create inspection form questions:

1.From the Inspection Template Details page, click the Form Setup tab. The Edit Linear Form Template page opens.
2.Near the bottom of the page, enter the label for the question in the data field next to the drop-down list and the Add Question button.
3. From the drop-down list, select the question format.  Special question types include:

 a. Date - to display a date selector

 b. Area - to display the area tree selector

 c. Item - to display the item tree selector

 d. Contractor - to display a list contractors

4.Click the Add Question button. If the format for the question selected is checkbox, radio button, or drop-down, the View/Edit Inspection Custom Field page opens to permit definition of the potential responses for the question.
5.From the View/Edit Inspection Custom Field page, enter the value for the question response in the Value data field and click the Save button.
6.To enter additional response values, click the Add New button. A new value data field displays.
7.Enter the response value for the data field in the Value data field and click the Save button in the row for the value.
8.Depending on the data type specified, click the appropriate check box or radio button to select a default value.
Note: The first value added is automatically defined as the default value.
7.Click the Save button to save the question and add it to the inspection template form. The question is saved and displays on the inspection templates.
8.Click the Issues? checkbox to specify that issues can be created from the inspection question and click the Label data field to display the Save and Delete buttons, and click the Save button.
9.To view the defined responses for a  question, hover over the Edit button. The defined responses display.


See also Setting Up Master Questions

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