Defining a Linear View for a PDF Form

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Users can optionally decide to setup an associated linear form view for a PDF Form.   The linear form can be used on the iPad to create issues associated with a specific questions on the inspection. From the PDF Form, issues can be created during the inspection but the issue will not be tied to a specific question.  If the linear form is published to the iPad, the user will be able to toggle between the formatted PDF Form view and the list of questions on the Linear Form view.

1.After successfully importing the PDF Form, check the "Publish Linear Form to iPad" checkbox.
2.Edit the question text on the Linear Form to match the question on the PDF Form.  Clicking a question on the Linear Form will highlight the associated question on the PDF Form.  
3.Add separators to the form fields as needed to group questions..
5.Click the Issues? checkbox to allow issues to be created from the inspection question.
6.Click the Edit button to review and edit the response values for an inspection question. The View/Edit Inspection Custom Field page opens.
7.Edit the Label, Name, indicator is the question can be used to create issues (Issues), or Label for a question response and click the Save button. The inspection template is updated.
8.Click the Label for the inspection question to display the Save button and click the Save button to save any changes made to an inspection question.

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