Deleting Form Inspections

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Form Inspections can be deleted based on the Inspection Status and the user permissions. Generally, inspections with a status of Scheduled, Re-scheduled, Pending, or In-Progress can be deleted by users with Inspection Management permission set to Full Access.  Inspections with a status of Completed or Approved can be deleted by users assigned to a System Role with the required permission.

To delete a Form Inspection:

1.From the Main Menu, select the project for which you want to conduct an inspection from the drop-down list.
2.From the Navigator, click the Inspections link under the QA/QC, Safety, or Punchlist Module icons or from the Main Menu, click QA/QC, Safety, or Punchlist and from the sub-menu, click Inspections. Inspections for the selected module display.
3.Click the Area or Items tab and select the area or item for which you want to delete an inspection.
4.Click the inspection you want to delete. The Inspection Details page opens.
5.Click the Delete button. The Choose delete mode dialog-box opens.
6.To delete issues created from the inspection, click the Delete Inspection Issues checkbox.
7.Click the Delete Inspection button. The inspection is deleted.

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