Editing a Company

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After creation, a company’s information, including Company Role and specialties, can be edited.

To edit a Company:

1.From the Main Menu, click Setup and from the sub-menu, click Projects. The Projects Setup Director page opens.
2.In the Users, Contacts, Companies, Dispatching section, click the Company Management link. The List of Companies page opens.
3.To search companies, click the Expand icon for Search. The Search criteria display.
4.From the Projects drop-down list, select a project to list companies assigned to the project.
Note: To view all companies defined in the application, select All Projects.
5.On the List of Companies page, click the Company you want to edit. The Company Details page opens. User may change Company Name which will only affect current tenant (e.g. if the same company from Master Database is used in other tenants - their names won't change).
6.Edit the information for the company and click the Save Changes button. The company information is updated.

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