Editing Application Issue Custom Fields

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After an issue custom field is set up, you can delete one or more, add additional custom fields, and edit the values for a custom field.

1.From the Main Menu, click Setup and from the submenu, click Application. The Application Setup Directory page opens.
2.From the Inspections/Issues section, click Issue Custom Fields. The View / Edit Common Custom Fields page opens.
3.Click the Custom Field you want to edit. The Custom Field Details page opens.
4.Edit the label for the custom field in the Label data field.
5.To add another response value, click the Add New button, enter a value in the Value data field, and click the Save Changes button in the row for the response value.
6.To remove a response value, click the Delete button in the row for the response value you want to delete.
7.To change the default value, click the appropriate Default radio button or checkbox.
9.Click the Save button to save all changes to the values.
10.To delete an issue custom field, click the Delete button, and click OK in the confirmation dialog. The issue custom field is deleted.

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