Editing Inspection Template Questions

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After a set of questions are set up for the linear form, you can delete one or more, add additional questions, edit the values for questions, and rearrange the order in which the questions are displayed on the inspection template.

To edit inspection template questions:

1.From the Inspection Template Details page, click the Form Setup tab. The Edit Linear Form Template page opens.
3.Click the Edit button for the question you want to edit. The View/Edit Inspection Custom Field page opens.
4.Edit the label for the data field in the Label data field.
5.To add another value, click the Add New button, enter a value in the Value data field, and click the Save button.
6.To remove a value, click the Delete button in the row for the value you want to delete.
7.To change the default value, click the appropriate Default radio button or checkbox.
8.To reorder the display of the values, click and drag the Drag icon in the Drag column to move the value up or down.
9.Click the Save button to save all changes made to all values.
10.To delete the question, click the Label for the question to display the Save and Delete buttons, and click the Delete button. The question is removed from inspection templates.

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