Editing Issue Statuses

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After creation an Issue Status can be edited and new actions can be added.

To edit an Issue Status:

1.From the Issue Category / Statuses page, from the Module drop-down list, select the module for which you want to edit an Issue Status.
2.To edit an Issue Status, click the Status Name you want to edit. The Status Details page opens.
3.Edit the label for the Issue Status in the Status name data field as appropriate.
4.Edit the action label in the Action name data field as appropriate.
5.Update the State for the status as appropriate.
6.Update the Enable Date Override setting as appropriate.
7.To add a new action, click the Add New Action button.
8.In the Status Actions section, from the Next status drop-down list, select the Issue Status that will result when the defined Action is executed.
9.Click the Save Changes button to save the status and actions and click the Back to Category button to open the Category Details page that displays the new Category and Issue Status.

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