Editing the System E-mail Content

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System Administrators can adjust the content of e-mail messages the application sends for specific types of notifications.

To edit the content of a system e-mail:

1.From the Main Menu, click Setup and from the sub-menu, click Application. The Application Setup Directory page opens.
2.From the E-mail Content Manager section, click the E-Mail Content Manager link. The E-mail Manager page opens.
3.From the E-mail Type drop-down list, select the system e-mail you want to edit. The e-mail content displays.
4.Enter text to be included in the e-mail in the Subject or Body data fields.
5.From the Tag section, click on the Tag(s) you want to add. The information indicated by the Tag label will be included in the e-mail.
5.To remove information, delete the text or tag(s) from the e-mail.
6.Click the Save Changes button. The e-mail content is updated.

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