Exporting Inventory Items and Sub-items

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Project Managers can export the inventory items and sub-items to an XML file.

To export inventory items and sub-items:

1.From the Inventory page, from the Module drop-down list, select the module for which you want to export the inventory or select All to view the inventory items for all modules.
2.From the Project drop-down list, select the project for which you want to view the inventory. The inventory displays.
3.In the Upload Inventory From File section, click the Export Existing Inventory button. A confirmation dialog opens.
4.Click the check to include IDs into XML checkbox to if you want to re-import the items mapped to existing items.
5.Click the OK button. The File Download dialog-box opens.
6.Click the Open button. The XML for the items and sub-items displays in a new page.

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