Finding Items to be Commissioned

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The Commissioning Summary Interface provides several options for finding items to be commissioned.

1.Click Reset which is shown on the right side of the toolbar before beginning a new search.
2.You can explore the item tree shown on the left side of the screen by expanding and collapsing sections of the tree.
3.You can search for items by typing a portion of the Item name in the Item Field and clicking Search.
4.You can search for all items which is associated to the same Item Master by typing a portion of the Item Master name in the Item Master Field and click Search. .
5.You can setup Filters to find all items that are in a certain status state.   For instance, you can define a filter to find all items that have completed the Installation Step but have not started the Startup Step.   Click Filter. A matrix of steps and statuses will be shown.   Define your filter criteria by checking the appropriate boxes.  Note that more than one status can be selected for each step.  For instance, you can define a filter to show all items that have not started or skipped the Startup Step.   Click Apply.
6.If you want to reuse a Filter or Search criteria, create the view as a favorite.  Click Favorite.  Select Save Current View.  Provide a meaningful name for the view.  Click Ok.

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