Importing a Linear Form

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An inspection template can be imported from an Excel spreadsheet. A sample format for the Excel spreadsheet can be populated from a comma separated value (CSV) file.


To import an inspection template:


1. From the Inspection Template Details page, click the Form Setup tab. The Edit Linear Form Template page opens.


2. Navigate to the bottom of the page and you will see the word Separator and a drop down box along with a blue button to add question. Click on the drop down box labeled separator.


3. Choose from the available options if you would like to have radio buttons or checkbox options or even text as the data type to be imported in Latista.


4. After choosing an option and giving it a label click the create master button that appeared after you made a selection from the list. Enter in the options for the selection. If you would like inspectors to be able to create issues from the checklist items or questions please be sure to check the option labeled issues. Save all selected options at the bottom of the page.


5. Navigate to import Checklist section where the Data type drop-down box is located. Before clicking on the sample CSV file click on the Data Type drop down box and choose the new option that you just created in the above steps. This will ensure that your imported checklist options are either radio buttons or checkboxes etc.


6. To populate the Excel spreadsheet for import, in the Import Checklist section, click the Sample CSV File link to open the Excel template.


7. The file will open with sample data in columns A, B, and C.


8. The file structure represented in the excel sheet is a representation of how your checklist will appear in Latista.


9. Column A should be used for categories or Titles of your checklist. Columns B&C can be used for the checklist items or questions that inspectors will need to complete. If you need to have Sub-Titles or Sub-Categories then you can use column B, leaving column C to populate all checklist questions.


10. Populate the information to complete your checklist and save the file to your local drive.


11. From the Latista web page click the Choose File button and you will be able to browse your local PC and import the checklist into Latista.


12. Click the Import Checklist button and your checklist will now be ready to use in Latista. The questions can be edited, moved, or deleted right from the Latista interface all checklist question will have the master key options applied.


13. Lastly click on the Template Details Tab and check the option to activate the inspection and save it.


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