Importing Areas

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A sample file template is provided to allow users to correctly prepare a file for uploading area types. When the file is uploaded the system attempts to convert the data into the Area Tree using the Area IDs. If some areas are based on area type, they should contain references to those area types using the Area Type Legacy ID. If the Area Type Legacy ID is not defined for an area, the area type can be assigned after import.

If areas are imported into an existing Area Tree, the areas are appended to the existing Area Tree. The import does not overwrite existing areas during the import. The status of Active/Not Active and area details are very important to identify in the import file and should be populated for ALL importing rows.

To prepare a file of areas for upload:

1.From the Area Management page, in the Import Area from File section, click the Sample CSV File link. The File Download dialog opens.
2.Click the Open button to open the sample template. The template opens in Excel.
3.Using the sample template, enter the areas information and save the file to your local drive.

To import areas and sub-areas:

1.From the Area Management page, in the Import Area from File section, click the Browse button. The Choose file to Upload dialog for your local drive opens.
2.Navigate to the appropriate file and click the Open button. The file uploads and
3.Click the Import Areas button. The areas are imported and display in a list.
Note: If a row cannot be imported, an error message displays on the Import Results page that specifies the row number that failed import.

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