Managing Inspection Attachments

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Users can supply plans, blueprints, or documentation related to a specific inspection as an attachment. Attachments can be accessed from the Documents tab for the inspection.

To attach documents to an inspection:

1.From the inspection list view, click on the inspection description for a specific inspection to open the inspection details page. Select the Documents tab.
2.From the Select Document drop down, select Upload from Local Drive to browse and upload a file from your local Document Library; select Select from Files to browse and upload a file from the LATISTA Files; or select one of the Area documents which is linked to the Area being inspected.

See also Attaching Documents to an Area

To download and open an attachment locally using the Adobe PDF Viewer:

1.Click on the link for the document name.

To open the attachment using the Markup Viewer:

1.Click on the PDF icon clip0011for the document attachment or the thumbnail for the photo attachment.

See also Creating Issue from Document Markup

To remove an attachment from an inspection:

1.Click on the delete icon clip0012 for the document attachment.

To create a shortcut for the document to the Area or Item being inspected:

1.Click on the shortcut icon clip0014for the document attachment.

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