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Inspections can be conducted for the QA/QC, Safety, and Punchlist Modules. The application uses the same process and procedures for all three modules. The purpose of separating the inspections by module is to allow users to align the different inspections with the construction process. In addition, the application provides two methods for conducting inspections based on the inspections performed throughout the construction process, as follows:

Form (iPad and Windows) – Inspectors respond to a set of predefined questions on a form that specifies what is to be inspected and can specify options for responding to the individual questions on the inspection form
Issue List – Inspectors perform a review of an area and note any aspect of the area or items in the area inspected that is not satisfactory

In both types of inspection methods, issues can be created in the application and assigned to a responsible party. Generally, inspections conducted for quality or safety are conducted during the early and middle construction phased and Issue List inspections are conducted during the later phases.

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