iOS 2.1 Release Notes

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iPad & IPhone (version 2.1)

New Features

New iPhone app released to the App Store.
oAllow users to easily manage their QC, Punchlist, Safety and Commissioning Issues on their iPhone.
oExpedite an issue by texting or calling the responsible party so they are immediate aware of the need for a resolution.  
oBring their drawings into the field directly on their iPhone to view and markup the drawing.
oQuickly capture issues using the iPhone camera.
New support to conduct Commissioning Steps can be found under the Items View.
oView the commissioning status of your items in the field
oStart, update, and complete commissioning steps for specific items
oCreate and automatically route commissioning issues to appropriate sub-contractors
Document Viewer updates:
oNew directory structure layout with bigger thumbnails
oAbility to rotate a document using hand gestures.
oAbility to navigate a multiple page document using thumbnails.
oAbility to view documents of other formats such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
oNew camera mark-up tool allows users to add photos to and view thumbnails directly on project drawings.
Visual Punch List updates:
oNew ability to tag specific standard issues as favorites and then toggle a filter on to only show favorites on the Standard Issues side panel.
oIf the standard issue abbreviation is left blank on the server then no acronym is shown on the visual punch list reducing the clutter on the drawing.
New support for being able to associate barcodes to areas and scan those barcodes, either with an iPad or a Socket Mobile Series 7 hand-held scanner, to quickly bring up all relevant information about that area including inspections, issues and documents.
New universal search feature on issue list, inspection list, item list and area list to quickly find records by searching for all records that contain a text string in the description field or id field.
New ability to re-inspect failed inspections (Note:  This was previously implemented on the server and with this release we introduced this part of the workflow on the iPad)
New ability to markup inspection forms using the pencil tool.  This will give the user the ability to sign inspection forms.
New ability to call a contact or generate an email to a contact from the contacts list using slide gestures.
New ability to page through issues using swipe gestures
New ability to tag issues, inspections, items and areas as favorites and toggle a filter on to only show favorites
Added the ability to create a new issue directly on the PDF Form view as an inspection is being conducted

Features removed in this release:

Removed sync option “Include Inspection Completion Reports.”
Removed filter for “Show items from Parent Area” from the Item view.Enter topic text here.

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