Maintaining Access Permissions on Files

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Access to view and update documents can be defined for specific documents and folders. Default documents access permissions for users are defined in their assigned System Role. If access permission is not defined for a document or folder, the System Role assigned to a user defines the access permission. To set access permissions for a document or folder, you must have Full Access to the document or folder.

The access defined for a folder may be propagated to all sub-folders and documents within the sub-folders.

Access permissions for documents can be set to one of the following levels:

No Access - user cannot read or see the file in the Files
Reader - user can open the file as read-only, but cannot modify the file or its properties
Contributor - user can read and update the file, but cannot change file access levels
Full Access - user can perform any available actions on the file, including editing the content, updating access permissions for the document, and deleting the document

If no permissions are set for document or folder, the following default access is granted to the User Role:

User Role

Default Access


Contributor (read/write)


Contributor (read/write)

QC Inspector

Contributor (read/write)

Safety Inspector

Contributor (read/write)

Super User (project)

Contributor (read/write)

Super User (project + usermgr)

Full Access

Super User (corporate)

Full Access

Viewer Read Only


Latista Support Role

Full Access

System Administrator

Full Access

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