Manage Aging Metrics for Issue Categories

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The application provides a feature to calculate the number of days an issue remains in a specific status. Calendar days or working days can be used to calculate the number of days.

To define aging metrics:

1.From the Issue Category / Statuses page, from the Module drop-down list, select the module for which you want to define aging metrics.
2.Click the Manage Aging Metrics button. The Aging Metrics page opens.
3.From the Issue Category drop-down list, select the Issue Category for which you want to define aging metrics.
4.To add an aging metric, click the Add New button. The Define Aging Metric section displays or cleans any data previously entered.
5.In Define Aging Metric section, enter the name of the aging category in the Metric name data field, click the checkbox(es) for the issue status(es) that want to age., and click the Calendar days or Working days radio button to specify the method to calculate the number of ddays an issue remains in the selected status.
6.Click the Save Changes button. The aging metric is saved .

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