Managing Issue Categories and Statuses

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The application provides two settings for issues:

Issue Categories are used to group issues.
Issue Statuses indicate the state of issues.

The Issue Categories / Statuses page lists each defined Issue Category, defined Issue Statuses for each Issue Category, and the potential actions that can be executed for each Issue Status. Data defined for each Status includes:

Status name – Label the application uses to specify the status
State – Specifies if the issue is considered Open or Closed for each Issue Status
Date Override – Indicates if the application allows users to modify the default date of a status change
Actions – Indicates the actions (buttons available) that can be executed by users to update the status
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To view the Issue Category / Statuses:

1.From the Main Menu, click Setup and from the sub-menu, click Application.
2.In the Inspections/Issue section, click the Issue Category / Status link. The Issue Categories / Statuses page opens and displays existing Issue Categories and Issue Statuses.

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