Managing Locations

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An area type can have a set of locations to specify places within the area. Locations can be setup and associated with area types. For example, a residential high-rise project can have locations defined for standard rooms in a condo unit. Sub-locations can be created for each location and sub-locations can be created for other sub-locations to create a hierarchy of locations for an area type. Although locations and areas are connected within the application, some differences apply, as follows:

Inspections can be created only for areas, not for locations defined in Area Types.

Locations do not display in the Navigator’s Area Tree while areas do. However, locations are available for selection using the filter on the Navigator's Issue List as well as on Issue Details interface.

To view locations defined for a project:

1.From the Main Menu click Setup and from the submenu, click Projects. The Projects Setup Director page opens.
2.In the Projects and Project-related Data section, click the Area Types Management link. The Area Types List page opens and displays all area types defined for the project.
3.Click the Area Type for which you want to view locations. The Area Types Details page opens.
4.Click the Locations tab. The locations defined for the area type display.
5.Click the Expand All button to display all locations and sub-locations.
6.Click the Expand icon to view the sub-locations for a location.

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