Managing Systems E-mails

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The following e-mail notifications can be managed:

Vendor Without E-mail or Contacts– Notifies the user that a vendor profile does not have the appropriate contact information for vendors being sent Work Orders.
Claim Notification E-mail - Notifies system users when a new claim is reported.
Inspection Completion E-mails - Sent to selected users upon inspection completion. Inspection Completion PDF is attached to this e-mail.
Inspection Notification E-mails - Notifies inspector that an inspection was scheduled (excluding self-scheduled inspections).
Inspection Approval Task – Notifies a user required to approve an inspection.
Inspection Rejected E-mails – Notifies inspector for an inspection requiring approval that the inspection was rejected.
Inspection Schedule E-mail – Notifies an inspector that an inspection was created and scheduled.
Password Reminder – Sent in response to users who use the Forgotten Password feature (on server). The e-mail contains a unique link to a page to reset the user’s password.
Work Order E-mail - Sends vendors work orders as PDF attachments.

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