Organizing Questions on an Inspection Template

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You can order the question on an inspection template form, group questions together under separator headings, and assign levels to questions to allow them to be grouped on the Inspection Completion Report.

To organize questions on an inspection template:

1.Open the inspection template you want to organize, and click the Form Setup tab.
2.To create a separator heading, enter the label for the separator in the data field next to the drop-down list and the Add Question button.
3.From the drop-down list, select Separator and click the Add Question button. The separator displays at the bottom of the list of questions.
4.To move a question or separator up or down, click and drag the icon in the Drag column to appropriate location.
5.To delete a question, click the question in the Label column and click the Delete button that displays. The question is deleted.
6.To assign a level to a separator, click the Up or Down icons in the Level column.

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