Performing Data Analysis

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Data analysis is a reporting feature only accessible to customers who have purchased this capability.  Using Data Analysis, a user can create a custom set of performance metrics, create custom data visualizations, perform in-depth data mining and export data to excel.  


1.To access Data Analysis, click on the Reports icon.   The dashboard will generate.  Click on Data Analysis from the sub menu.
2.Expand the list of data analysis grids on the side panel by clicking on the > icon.   Click on the data analysis grid with which you would like to work.  The data analysis grid will generate to show fields as columns and data records as rows.  
3.From the data analysis grid, a user can:
Define how a metric will be calculated using the Formula setting.  For further help on Formulas, click on Formula Help after you click on Formula.
Define which columns are visible using the Layout setting
Define sort order for the grid using the Sort setting.
Define what rows are visible using the Filter setting.
Define how to group rows using the Group setting
Define calculations that can be done on groups of rows such as average and subtotal using the Aggregation setting.
Add a chart to use to visualize the data in the grid using the Chart setting.
Add a crosstab/pivot table to show summarized information using the Crosstab setting.
Define the number of rows displayed per page using the Paging setting.
Add a grid, chart or pivot table to the dashboard using the Add to Dashboard button shown in the upper right hand corner of the panel.   Note: If many columns are visible in the grid, the user may need to scroll to the right to see this button.
Export data grid to excel by clicking on Export.

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