Personal Settings

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Each user can manage personal settings on the server for their e-mail address, password, contact phone numbers, and time zone. User settings are maintained in the user profile.

To view the user profile:

1.Click your name in the cloud application Header. Then select My Profile. The Personal Settings page will be displayed.
2. To change your password, enter a new password in the Password and Confirm Password data field. NOTE: this will require to enter current password for security. New password should meet minimal complexity requirements - e.g. contain: one number, one capitalized letter,
3.Update personal information, including First name, Last name, Title, Work and Mobile phones, FAX.
4. From the Time Zone drop-down list, select the time zone in which you area located.
5.Click the Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes checkbox to have the application automatically adjust the time setting for time changes.
6.From the Locale drop-down list, select the language in which to display the application.
7.Click the Save Changes button. The settings update.

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