Job Pics

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User may access project photos via Job Pics. To access Job Pics click Library menu and then Job Pics sub-menu. There are two views for the photos: List View and Photo View.


List View

In the List View photos shown in a table with all essential attributes, such as File Name, Creation Date and By, GPS coordinates and Compass (if present), thumbnail view, Notes, other info. Application uses "lazy loading" technique - e.g. more photos will be shown while user keep scrolling. This prevents interface from stacking even with large number of project photos. User may also update the Photo Notes by clicking to Notes area to enable editing/entering. Mouse over the notes area will show full text in case it is too long to be shown otherwise.


By default applications show all project photos. User may filter list further by Area / Item, Date range, Creator and Notes.


Photo View

Photos may also be presented one-by-one in Photo View while other photos presented as scrollable thumbnails underneath. User may zoom-in and zoom-out full view of a photo while attributes may be displayed as overlay.


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