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The application provides a robust set of analysis reports including:

A. Dashboards where standard reports are grouped, organized and displayed.  A dashboard is a collection of panels containing reports and charts.

B. Standard reports that visually display key performance metrics

C. Matrix Reports that map Inspection Templates, Areas and Responsible Parties to Inspection Statuses and Issue Categories in a matrix format.  See Matrix Reports

D. Visual Reports that visually show the status of issues, inspections and Cx steps by color coding Floor Plans.  The application can highlight areas with semi-transparent markups in different colors depending on statuses in those areas. See Visual Reports

E. Data Analysis capabilities to perform data analysis on-the-fly, create your own performance metrics and design your own data visualizations.  This is an add-on to the core reporting capabilities and therefore may not be available to all customers.

To access reports, click on the <insert picture> icon from the LATISTA menu bar.  The dashboard will automatically appear.

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