Rescheduling or Reassigning Inspections

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Any inspection can be rescheduled. The inspection template can be changed, the date and time can be updated, and a new inspector can be assigned.

To reschedule an inspection:

1.From the Calendar, click the link for the inspection you want to edit. The Inspection Details page opens.
2.Click the Reschedule tab.
3.Edit the description of the inspection in the Description data field and click the Update button. A confirmation dialog opens. Click the OK button.
4.In the Reschedule Details section, update the Duration and Comminuting data fields as appropriate.
5.Enter comments as appropriate in the Reschedule Notes data field.
6.In the Available Inspectors Schedule section, click the checkbox(s) for the inspector(s) for whom you want to view their schedules and click the date on which you want to reschedule the inspection. The Hourly View section displays for the inspector(s) selected.
7.In the Hourly View section, click the time when you want to schedule the inspection. A confirmation dialog opens.
8.Click the OK button. The inspection is rescheduled.

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