Scheduling Reports

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To schedule a report:

1.When viewing a report under Standard Reports, click on Schedule Report to display the Scheduling Panel.
2.Under Schedule Information, define how often (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) and when (Start Date / Time, End Date) you want like to report to generate.
3.Under Report Email Information, enter the email address of who you want to report distributed to and the body of the email message that will be sent with the report.
4.Click Save.


To view report schedule information:

1.Under Controls on the Standard Reports side panel, click Schedule Manager to view a list of all reports scheduled to be generated on a periodic basis.


To delete a report schedule:

1. Under Controls on the Standard Reports side panel, click Schedule Manager.

2. Click the Delete under the Action column next to the schedule that you want to delete.  


To manage schedules for other users:

1.To manage report schedules created by other users, the user must have the Reports Schedule Management permission set to Yes under System User Role Management.

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