Sending an E-mail to Application Users

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The application provides a feature to send an e-mail to all existing application users.

To send an e-mail to all users:

1.From the Main Menu click Setup and from the sub-menu, click Application. The Application Setup Directory page opens.
2.In the E-mail Related section, click the Send Mass E-mail to System Users link. The Queue page opens.
3.Edit the e-mail address and name in the From Address and From Name data fields as appropriate.
4.Click the HTML Content checkbox to indicate the e-mail format is HTML instead of plain text.
5.Enter the appropriate information in the Subject data field.
6.Enter the e-mail content in the Body data field.
7.To insert information automatically, click the location in the e-mail content to insert the information and from the Tags section, click the Tag(s) with information to be inserted.
8.From the Project drop-down list, select the project with the users to whom you want to send the e-mail
9.For the User Type data field, click the Only Server Users to send the e-mail only to users on the Server or click the Only Tablet Users to send the e-mail to users on the Table.
10.From the System Role drop-down list, select the System Role to send the e-mail to the users assigned to the System Role.
11.For the Active After and Active Before data field, click the Calendar icon to set a date range to send the e-mail to active users during the date range.
12.Click the Next Step: confirm select users button. The Mass E-mail Sender page opens and displays all users selected to receive the e-mail.
13.To remove a user, click the checkbox in the row for the user to remove the check.
14.To reset the parameters, click the Go Back button.
15.To send the mass e-mail, click the Send Message to Selected Recipients button. The e-mail is sent.

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