Windows 6.0 Release Notes

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Multi-browser Support

* Added support for Google Chrome on Windows and Safari on Mac OS X in addition to Internet Explorer on Windows.  See Browser Supported for 6.0

Refreshed Visual Styles

* New visual styles have been applied to all user interfaces.

Improved Menu Navigation

* Home, Calendar, Contacts, Reports, Communications, and Setup are now available from any page as icons under the LATISTA logo

* Area and Item Management are now available from the main menu bar and the home page

* The following menu items have been removed:

QA/QC > Dashboad, QA/QC > Documents, QA/QC > Details
Punchlist > Dashboard, Punchlist > Documents, Punchlist > Details
Safety > Dashboard, Safety > Documents, Safety >Details
Production > Documents, Production > Details
Cx > Dashboard, Cx > Documents
Reports > Analytical
Communications > Daily Reports

* Reporting: Added Dashboard as the first menu item; every user can create a personal dashboard using our new reporting capability

* Reporting: Added Standard Reports and Data Analysis as new menu items

* Reporting: Grouped Area Matrix, Company Matrix, and Inspection Matrix under one Matrix Report menu item

See LATISTA Navigator for more details.

New and Improved Reporting Tool and Capabilities

* Add any report to your personal dashboard

* Create new dashboard tabs to organize and group reports as you see fit

* Create Favorites to bookmark specific report views. Favorites can be created as:

Personal Favorites  : visible only to the user
Project Favorites : visible to all project team members with access to Project reports,
Company Favorites : visible to all company employees with access to Company Reports

* E-mail, print, and schedule reports to be run at specific intervals

* A library of standard reports will be available to all clients:

Issue Reports
oAreas with the most open issues
oAverage  Age of Open Issues
oAverage Time to Close Issues
oIssue Distribution by Responsible Party
oIssue Distribution by Speciality
oIssue Heat Map by Area
oIssue Heat Map by Item
oIssue Heat Map by Responsible Party
oIssue Status Trend
oItems with the Most Open Issues
oOverdue Issue Trend
oResponsible Party Ranking
oTop Ten Standard Issues
oTotal Number of Issue Trend
oWeekly Issue Activity
Inspection Reports
oCompleted Inspection Trend
oWeekly Inspection Activity
Commissioning Reports
oCx Step Distribution
oCx Step Schedule Performance
oCx Step Status Trend

* A library of standard company reports will be available to enterprise clients:

Issue Heat Map by Project
Project by Project Inspection
Project by Project Issue
Project by Project Issue by Speciality
Project by Project Overdue Issue

* Data Analysis Grids are available to clients who have access to the Data Analysis Feature:

Commissioning Step Data Analysis Grid
Inspection Data Analysis Grid
Inspection Form Fields Grid
Issue Data Analysis Grid

* Removed module-specific Dashboards and the associated dashlets. Users can use the new reporting capabilities to setup a personal dashboard using the new library of standard reports.

* Removed Analytical Reports.  New standard reports have been added to replace the analytical reports

See Reports for more information.


* Ability to import a BIM model and the associated item data into LATISTA from Navisworks

* Ability to sync BIM model to iPad.  See iOS App 6.0 Release Notes for more information about BIM in the Field.

* Added new page under Items Management to show the properties that may have been imported with the item from an associated BIM model.

See Importing a BIM Model for more information.


* Removed permission for “Access to Analytical Reports”

* Added permissions for “Access to Standard Reports,” “Access to Data Analysis,” “Project Favorites Management,” and “Company Favorites Management.”

* Updated the User Management permission to enable the ability to create new users in addition to editing users.

Improved Help

* Added a direct link to LATISTA support portal to submit a support ticket or feature request

* On-line help accessible from ? icon

Additional Changes

* Added ability to archive Commissioning Inspection Templates under Inspection Template setup.  The archive option was already available for all other module specific templates.  See Archiving and Reactivating an Inspection Template

* Added a new permission to the Issue Category / Status Edit Permissions page that controls whether a role will have permission to create issues of a specific category.  See Managing Status Change Permissions

* Added a new setting to Issue Categories that allow you to define whether the category should be enabled on all inspection templates, no inspection templates or selectively applied to inspection templates. See Creating Issue Categories and Statuses

* When setting up a dispatch rule, there is new option to add additional people who can receive the dispatch report in addition to the responsible party.  See Setting up Dispatch Rules for Work Order Reports

* Added the ability to move multiple items in item tree on the Inventory Item Management interface.

* Enhanced the Sync Report to show more detail



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