Setting Up Inspection Approval Workflow Requirements

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The Workflow feature provides an option to allow users to define one or more approvals required to complete an inspection. Required approvals can be selected based on user roles and users defined in the application.  Note that the approval workflow is not supported on the iPad.

To define approval requirements for an inspection:

1.From the Workflow tab of the inspection template for which you want to define approval requirements, click the Approval required checkbox. A row that allows you to define an approval displays.
2.Click the Add New button to set up a required approval. A window opens and displays for selection all user roles and users defined in the application.
3.Click the checkbox(es) for the roles and users required to provide approval for the inspection step.
4.Click the Add step button. The approval requirement displays on the Workflow tab.
5.To define an additional approval requirement, click the Add New button.
6.To edit an approval requirement, click the Edit button in the row of the approval requirement you want to edit, click to clear existing approvals required or click the roles and users checkbox(es) to add approval requirements, and click the Save Changes button. The approval requirements are updated.
7.To delete a step in the approval requirements, click the Delete button in the row for the approval requirement you want to delete, and click the OK button in the confirmation dialog box. The approval requirement step is deleted.

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