Setting Up Custom Fields for an Item Master

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Up to five custom fields can be defined for a Master Item. Custom fields display on all inspections for the item.

To set up custom fields for an item master:

1.From the Item Master page, click the Edit button in the row for the item or sub-item for which you want to add information. The Item Master Details page opens.
2.To assign a Company to the item, in the Responsible Party data field, click the not selected link, from the Select Company dialog-box, select the appropriate Company. The Company and Specialty data fields are updated based on the selection.
3.In the Custom Fields section, enter a label for up to five custom fields for the item or sub-item in the Custom Field data fields.
4.Click the Save Changes button to save the data without leaving the Item Master page or click the Save and Exit button to save the data and open the Item Master page.

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