Setting Up Drive Settings

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Project Managers can define several settings regarding where and how documents are stored for a project.

General Document Repository settings

To setup the repository limits:

1.From the Project Details page, click the Documents tab. The Repository Settings page opens.
2.Select if project's Document Storage is in Tenant-wide infrastructure or resides on a separate dedicated storage (see details below)
3.Set how long to Keep content of deleted files. When user empty trashcan - deleted files will be removed, but their content is still can be recovered by LATISTA Support during specified number of days. NOTE: After that period content will be permanently removed and become non-recoverable!
4.Enter the limit in megabytes for the total maximum size of the documents repository in the Maximum repository size, Mb data field.
5.Application will NOT create new revisions when files larger than specified size are updated. This prevents SYNC from passing unnecessary large amounts of data. Specify this parameter in MB under Don't track revisions if file size is above Mb.
6.Click the Save Changes button.


Project Documents Repository

Project Documents can be stored in common Tenant's repository ("All Projects" option - default) or in a separate, dedicated for this project one ("Project-specific" option). In order for project to use a dedicated repository, administrator needs to provide a name for SQL Server Files Group registered in a tenant database, that will be holding project's files content. When first file uploaded / created in a project, application will create appropriate database table structures in selected Files Group. NOTE: this setting cannot be changed if there is already file exists in a project.

Latista WebDAV Settings

If LATISTA Document Repository needs to be accessed from 3rd-party application - WebDAV URL will show the proper path to do that. User will need to copy this URL to 3rd party application as well as provide his/her LATISTA username (email) and password for authentication.

External Project Folders

Administrator may add external project folders for pass-through integration with 3rd party document repositories. Such external folders will appear in Files as regular folders, marked with specific symbol. Documents on external folders are NOT stored in LATISTA, but rather in external WebDAV-compatible storage. User can open files for External Project Folders as well as to SYNC them to mobile device. On mobile device external folders will look the same as local folders.

To add External Project Folder:

1.Click Add New Repository button to open a form
2.Populate Folder Name field - name this folder will appear in Latista Files
3.Populate Storage Type (e.g. WebDAV) of external storage
4.Populate URL to access it via Internet (Server's DNS name, Port, Storage Path), Username and Password
5.Populate frequency (Rate in minutes) with which LATISTA will refresh the list of files and folders from external storage
6.Populate Auth Type (Basic or NTLM). When use NTLM - populate Domain field as well.
7.Press Save Changes to persist changes made


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