Setting Up Inspection Completion Report

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The System Administrator can set up an Inspection Completion PDF format that applies to all inspections. The Inspection Completion Report layout can be customized for each project by listing each issue on one list or creating up to three groups in which to organize the issues. Administrator may also specify a custom Inspection Completion PDF layout that allows a specific layout for a project’s Completion Report.

To set up the Completion Report for a project:

1.Open the inspection template for which you want to specify workflow requirements, and click the Completion Report tab.
2.To define grouping for how issues are presented on the report, select the criteria to group the issues from the Issue grouping drop-down lists. The issues will be grouped according to the criteria selected.
3.To specify pagination, click the Normal radio button to have page breaks occur to fill each page or click the Group page breaks radio button to start each group of issues on a new page.
4.To specify the order in which issues are reported within each group of issues, select the sort criteria from the Issue sorting drop-down lists.
5.To specify which photos are to be included in the report, click the Inspection only radio button to include photos taken during the related inspection or click the Issues photos to include only photos taken for issues created during the inspection.
6.To specify the issues to include on the report, click the appropriate radio button in the Include issues section.
7.To include document markups in the report, click the Include markups checkbox.
8.To list the inspections conducted for the project on a separate page in the report, click the Include inspection history checkbox.
9.To specify the template used to format the report, select the appropriate template from the Pre-loaded template drop-down list.
Note: If you are including photos, select a template that formats pictures. Templates are provided for 2 photos and 3 photos per page.
10.Enter text to be included in the Title area, Main area, Signature area, and Header area data fields or click a Tags section button to select information to be included.
11.Click the Save Changes button to save the report template.

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