Setting up Step Criteria

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To define the start criteria for a commissioning step:

1.Under Project Management Setup, select the project for which you want to define the commissioning process.
2.Select the Cx Steps tab and click the Setup button next to the Commissioning step that you want to setup.
3.Select the Start Criteria tab to display the list of steps that make up the Commissioning process for this project.   Indicate using the checkbox which steps in the Commissioning process must be completed or skipped before this step can start.
4.Click Save Changes.

To define the completion criteria for a commissioning step:

1.Select the Completion Criteria tab to display the list of Issue Categories setup for the Commissioning, QA/QC, Safety and Punchlist modules.  Indicate using the checkbox which issues categories cannot have any open issues in order to complete this Commissioning step.
2.Click Save Changes.

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